Nicole’s Yoga Session

In the midst of us moving to the East Coast I was able to multitask and find time to shoot Nicole at Olive Park by Navy Pier. That’s just steps away from where we lived and I always loved going for a walk there. This location offers great views of the skyline too.
Nicole was so nice, she even brought me coffee. At around 8:30 in the morning on a perfect day we worked hard for an hour. I think Nicole might have worked actually harder. The point is we both broke a sweat :) . Here’s the preview:

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Agnieszka & Andy’s E-Session

It was super nice to meet this lovely couple. Agnieszka and Andy were laid back, very easy to work with and natural. We walked around Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park and Millenium Park under the beautiful August setting sun. Here’s a sneak peak from the shoot:

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Erin’s Yoga and Ballet Session

I was so excited to work with multitalented and exceptionally beautiful Erin. She is a yoga and dance teacher and surprised me with some wonderful and difficult to shoot moments. I then realized that ballet is so much more challenging to photograph than yoga due to the constant movement that exists. It was amazing. Please enjoy this sneak peek!

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Jessica’s Yoga Session

Jessica Carlin is a favorite yoga teacher and a friend – beautiful, amazing, inspiring, exceptional, innovative, she’s someone I have been looking up to for the last 4 years of my yoga practice. She also qualifies under my “unhuman” category :) If yoga goddesses exist then she must be one!
Before we started the photos Jessica told me that she hadn’t practiced that day so I had to make sure that she got a good practice out of our hour together. And she makes it look like it’s a piece of cake!
I won’t keep you reading any more because this is a photo blog and the material following is worth me shutting up. Enjoy!

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Liv’s Yoga Photos

I met Liv early in the morning in Hyde Park where we had some fun at the beach. I was very proud of her and this photo session holds a special place in my heart. Liv is a great friend, I love her energy. And if you need some bodywork, she’s a magician! Thank you, Liv!

On my back home as I was about to hop on Lake Shore Drive I experienced this typical Hyde Park view :) :

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Baby Melanie

I went to see this newborn beauty this weekend and realized that I just keep forgetting how small they come. Every time I see a newborn I think they are just amazing. So little but so perfect with such precise movements in some moments – like the yawn or the stretching. It’s enchanting.
Melanie was such a great model. She handled everything with ease, her older brother Sean showed me a number of times that his favorite thing is kissing his little sister. Congratulations on your new addition, lucky parents!

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Kat’s Yoga Session

I’m so glad that Kat and I managed to squeeze the photos in the early afternoon versus before sunset as we experienced some stormy weather after that. Millenium Park was somewhat challenging a location due to the constant crowds but it was fun. We definitely attracted lots of attention and had a good laugh too :)
Thank you Kat for playing with me!

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Brittany’s Beach Yoga Session

Bright and early at 6:30 am I went to Montrose Beach to photograph charming Brittany. It was so nice to work with her. In about an hour in the easy morning sun we managed to squeeze in a great conversation and some beautiful postures. She is a petite lady but strong enough to kick your butt. Don’t forget to check out her web site.
Here’s a preview from our time together. Thank you, Brit! :)

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Diana’s Yoga Session

If you’re not asleep yet your eyes will open wide as you browse through the sneak peek at today’s photos. Do you see yellow? :) Diana is an exceptional yoga teacher and is known for flipping your world upside down. If you haven’t taken one of her classes yet, hurry up! Here’s her facebook fan site. I deeply enjoy taking her classes and her pictures. She’s unbelievable and sometimes I wonder if she’s really human :) . Love you, Diana!

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World Breastfeeding Week

I took a few shots for Breastfeed Chicago ( for World’s Breastfeeding Week. And then I couldn’t resist the urge to take a few more of this lovely family. Stuart is an adorable baby! Yay for Mom’s milk!!!

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