Hawaii – the rest of the stay

So I sort of ditched the whole blog after realizing that internet was just not going to be present at all times while I was vacationing. I tried and it didn’t work. So I embraced the idea that I would finish that after I came back home.

I also embraced the idea of being soaking wet – my feet and my hair were never dry. It rained almost all the time for the first 3 days and after that it rained a little – but so frequently that I still walked around wet no matter what. There was permanent sogginess.

On day 3 we went to see a lava tube. Lava tubes are caves that form from lava flow. I don’t know how long this one was but it felt like we walked underground forever. Right before we got to the entrance it started to pour. We waited for a little bit but it was still raining when we went in. Because lava is porous the rain was making its way into the lava tube too. So no real shelter was there. I made the very stupid decision to wear my ballet crocs – huge mistake. I almost lost my shoes, almost fell a few times and felt very wobbly the whole time. It was a cool experience but if I had the right shoes on it would have been so different. After we came out of the lava tube we checked out the ocean.

 Then we went to a warm water pond right by the ocean. The water is thermally heated and the pond is half natural, half man-made.

There is a small inlet that allows for the ocean water to flow into the pond.

Our driver Omkar was so kind to take us for a beer/wine ride to the small town nearby which was too far of a walk otherwise. We were no longer stranded without alcohol at Kalani :)

Back at the resort Buddha greeted us every morning


















This was a very cute hut with meditation pillows. It was tiny. And of course, there was yoga twice a day at the Rainbow Room.


Food was outstanding! So fresh, so simple. They cooked whatever was ripe that day. There was meat, but mostly vegetarian stuff. The salad bar was  amazing and I truly miss it here in Chicago.

On day 4 I got a Hawaiian lomi lomi massage with Neil – it was out of this world. This is where it happened



















It felt like at least a couple of people was massaging me. Although they had qualified Neil as an apprentice he was very experienced and worked for a long time on my lumbar spine and hips which I had requested extra attention on. It felt like:

Then there was evening yoga with chakra work. Followed by a little wine for some, a lot for me and Beth. Ouch!

To be continued…

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