Hawaii Day 1

I arrived in Hawaii late last night. For a 6 day yoga retreat. Alone.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations about the place. Overall I am very happy with the accommodations. The resort is like a hippy place but its system seems to work out. It is really big – over 100 acres. There are 90 employees and all of them are volunteers. We sleep in Hales – that’s what the little houses are called. Each room has a separate entrance, there is a large common area on the ground floor with a little kitchen which is very nice. There are no glass windows on the property – all the windows are covered in screens only. Really there is no need for windows. It never gets cold here.

The views of the ocean are incredible:

It is absolutely breathtaking. The black lava rocks contrast with the super green grass. The jungle is mesmerizing.

I had my very first fresh rambutan today. Someone said that it was lychee but it out they were wrong. So I’m editing my post. The common thing between lychee and rambutan is that they actually look alike and they are both asian plants. It is native to the Malyan Archipelago and means “hairy” in Malayan language.

It’s a fuzzy red ball which you cut in half and inside is the fruit which consistency reminds me of a plum maybe or a grape. The rambutan has a seed in the center that is not edible.


We had a great tour around the resort today. Kalani are really big on producing the food that they cook (everything is organic), recycling everything and keeping the environment clean. This is how they grow their tomotoes:

This is a piece of styrofoam with holes where the tomatoes are kept. All this goes into water and it floats. If you need to work on the tomatoes you simply pick this up and do your thing. They grow really fast that way and they don’t use any pesticides. They keep using the same tomato plant for about 5 years.

They have all kinds of fruits and seasonings on the property – avocados, pineapples, all kinds of citrus trees, bananas, macadamia nuts, tomatoes, water cress, lettuce and so on.

This is our hale:

This is a ficus leave :)

There are beautiful orchids here that grow on the plum trees. They are just amazing. Orchids attach to anything and are an epiphyte – a plant that grows on another plant.

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2 Responses to Hawaii Day 1

  1. Hristiyana says:

    Ellie,snimkite sa prekrasni! Vyshistavam se na nestihvastija ti interes i jajda da tyrsish i otkrivash krasivoto,unikalnoto,vechneto v prorodata!Samo sa edin den tolkova krasivi snimki i tolkova popadenija,otrasjvasti prirodnoto bogatstvo na tosi semen rai!Sigurno ste ni radvash s oste mnogo snimki,no nai-veche ti jelja ti da isjiveesh pylnozenno syprokosnovenieto s nepodpravenata harmonija i krasota na Havaite! A ti imash oko i dusha sa tova i satova vsicjko,do koeto se dokosnesh i go sapechatish,stava nepovtorimo,vdyhnovjavasto i omagjosvasto sa nas:))

  2. Bella says:

    vsichko izglajda fenomenalno – blagorodno ti zavijdam :) )) celuvki

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